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We offer three types of pistons that include urethane bonded piston, single acting replacement piston and double acting replacement piston. Material including Nitrile rubber piston, Polyurethane piston, Hydrogenated nitrile rubber piston (special used with ceramic liner)

Replacement Piston

德州长虹机械制造有限公司  These pistons are made with tough and durable Buna N rubber for all pressures, and are ideally suited for either oil-base or water-base mud. A special processing of the fabric provides an unusually waterproof bond of fabric to piston which assures longer life. These high tensile strength pistons will be rated for all drilling operations.

 Urethane Bonded Piston

      This piston is constructed of oil-resistant polyurethane bonded to a solid metal hub. As fluid pressure increases, the urethane surface of the piston expands against the liner to complete the seal, even in the enlarged diameter of a worn liner bore. This piston has longer life than replacement rubber pistons.


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