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-Mounted dual-mounted metal liner

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Bi-metal cylinder from inside and outside the two metal, anti-wear coats for forging quality carbon steel, inner sleeve made of high chromium wear-resistant corrosion-resistant alloy steel, hardness after heat treatment above HRC62, smooth inner surface of the mirror, inner hole size tolerance strict, bottom-mounted dual-mounted a small addendum to introduce to you metal liner:
Mud cylinder work in very harsh conditions, with ordinary carbon steel or alloy steel cylinder liners, short life, only 200-300 hour, can only be used to pump pressure and corrosion-free atmosphere. To address high pumping pressure and corrosive environment working cylinder service life issues, research in all major industrial countries. Research shows that of high chromium cast iron used as inner lining made from bi-metal cylinder sleeves and achieved good results. Is a kind of high chromium cast iron wear-resistant alloy white cast iron, has high hardness and wear resistance, toughness, and high resistance to corrosion and can be machined after annealing.
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